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Solar Screens in Sun City, AZ Are you searching for a reliable and affordable sun screen installer in Tempe, AZ?

Paramount Screens has installed sun screens on thousands of houses all over Tempe and surrounding areas.

With the increasing global warming and scorching heat day by day, it’s no surprise people are searching for sun screens in Tempe, AZ.

Sun Screens and Solar Shades Offer Huge Advantages

  • Reduce Cooling Costs – Sun Screens can save you 33% on your next utility bill
  • Great Curb Appeal – With a wide range of different colors and frame options, Sun Screens will enhance the beauty of your home and curb appeal
  • Protect Furniture – With the option of 80% or 90% sun protection shades, your new Sun Screens will stop harmful U.V. rays from bleaching furnishings and floors
  • Increased Privacy – Sun Screens provide great privacy – no more nosy neighbors

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Some of our completed sun screen and security door installations:
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Sun Screens and Solar Shades in Tempe, AZ

Your windows will be the one crucial thing to look at if you want to make your home energy efficient. When compared with other home modernization approaches they will be rather inexpensive. Solar sunscreens are one of the very best and cost-effective ways to lower your utility bills.

APS.com lists solar sun screens as the most affordable option to cut back on energy during the warm months – we are sure you will know just how sizzling hot it can be during the summer.

It’s possible you’ll wonder why solar shades are far far better when compared to window curtains and/or blinds. You need to know that solar shades happen to be seven times better at keeping a home cool and comfortable when compared with blinds or curtains.

Also, solar sunscreens will be able to absorb a large percentage of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches doors and windows. Window curtains or blinds won’t be able to accomplish this. Due to this fact, curtains or blinds can’t prevent that the windows may heat up.

With our solar screens you can block out up to ninety percent of the sun’s hot rays, this helps to save you up to 33% on your energy bills.

Our company offers a wide array of solar sun screens, all varying in various strengths, colors and styles. We will be able to go through all of the different styles and options when you are getting your free quote from us.

Stop throwing out money on energy bills and get in touch with our experts right away! Your satisfaction is one of our top goals. Make the home more energy-efficient by contacting us for a free quote – 623-748-0408