Exterior Patio Roll Shades in Phoenix AZ

Do not let the Arizona heat ruin your nice patio area. You can still enjoy and relax outside thanks to exterior patio roll shades that block out the sun’s harsh rays while keeping your view. Exterior patio shades will not just block the heat rays, it will also keep glare and light out so it’s easier to entertain your guests.

When you want an unmotorized or motorized exterior roll up shade, they are a great solution for all Arizona patios. Contact Paramount Screens at 623-748-0408 for a free estimate for your own exterior patio roll shades.

Main Benefits/Features:

  • Custom shades sizes available
  • Clutch operated or motorized lifting systems
  • Large selection of varied textures, colors and fabric openness
  • Highly durable fabrics to withstand the elements
  • Fully retractable shades
  • Significant heat reduction lowers energy costs
  • Superior glare control and UV protection

Exterior patio roll shades are often also referred to as patio roller shades, roll-a-way shades, retractable patio shades, patio drop roll shades, roll-down shades, and roll-up shades. They are all synonymous and we can help you with it all.

Contact Paramount Screens at 623-748-0408 for a free estimate.