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Solar Screens in Sun City, AZ Are you searching for a reliable and affordable sun screen installer in Cave Creek, AZ?

Paramount Screens has installed sun screens on thousands of houses all over Cave Creek and surrounding areas.

With the increasing global warming and scorching heat day by day, it’s no surprise people are searching for sun screens in Cave Creek AZ.

Sun Screens and Solar Shades Offer Huge Advantages

  • Reduce Cooling Costs – Sun Screens can save you 33% on your next utility bill
  • Great Curb Appeal – With a wide range of different colors and frame options, Sun Screens will enhance the beauty of your home and curb appeal
  • Protect Furniture – With the option of 80% or 90% sun protection shades, your new Sun Screens will stop harmful U.V. rays from bleaching furnishings and floors
  • Increased Privacy – Sun Screens provide great privacy – no more nosy neighbors

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Some of our completed sun screen and security door installations:
Completed Sun Screen and Security Door Installations

Sun Screens and Solar Shades in Cave Creek, AZ

Sun screens aren’t just efficiently blocking heat, sun screens are also inexpensive. Solar screens are one of the very best and cost-effective means to lessen your energy costs.

Would you like to cut your energy costs in the summertime? There is a reason why highly suggests solar sun screens if you need to significantly save money on your energy bills.

Customers often want to know ‘What is the difference between only using blinds as opposed to solar shades?’. It is scientifically proven than solar shades are significantly more effective keeping high temperatures from your home as compared to curtains or blinds.

One advantage of having modern solar screens is that external solar shades stop heat from entering your home altogether. That is considerably more effective compared to window shades. Due to this fact, curtains or window blinds cannot hinder that your home’s windows may heat up.

Solar shades happen to be so effective that they will block 90% of the sun’s heat which can lead to power savings as much as a third when compared to without sun screens.

You’ll be able to pick from a large range of sun screens available to you. We’ve got solar screens and shades for all individual tastes and styles. Allow us to provide you with a free quote where you can pick from a large variety of sun screen colors and frames.

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