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Solar Screens in Apache Junction, AZ Are you searching for a reliable and affordable sun screen installer in Apache Junction, AZ?

Paramount Screens has installed sun screens on thousands of houses all over Apache Junction and surrounding areas.

With the increasing global warming and scorching heat day by day, it’s no surprise people are searching for sun screens in Apache Junction, AZ.

Sun Screens and Solar Shades Offer Huge Advantages

  • Reduce Cooling Costs – Sun Screens can save you 33% on your next utility bill
  • Great Curb Appeal – With a wide range of different colors and frame options, Sun Screens will enhance the beauty of your home and curb appeal
  • Protect Furniture – With the option of 80% or 90% sun protection shades, your new Sun Screens will stop harmful U.V. rays from bleaching furnishings and floors
  • Increased Privacy – Sun Screens provide great privacy – no more nosy neighbors

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Sun Screens and Solar Shades in Apache Junction, AZ

Most homeowners are aware of the damaging effects of UV rays and how these need to be kept outside homes. While we apply sunscreen on our skin to protect it from the damaging rays, what do you do to prevent the same damages to your home interiors?

While the natural sunlight is a must for our homes as well as our health, it can lead to heating up of the home interiors and fade away curtains, furnishings as well as other furniture and shades on windows.

For a solution to such problems, there are different approaches that homeowners take. While solar shades have become the norm in many places, some homeowners do opt for window tinting. There are pros and cons of both methods that are discussed here.

Window tinting and its functions

Window tinting is done by applying a film of bonding which is a transparent polyester film layer which has a tinting agent applied on it, of carbon and dyes. This is then applied on a window pane. The tint is bonded to the windows with adhesive. Window tints can be chosen as per privacy requirements of customers. These can also help control heat as well as provide security from glass shattering. However, window tinting can only be done to certain window types such as those with single glass panels. The double paneled glasses or low e windows cannot be tinted.

Solar shades and how they function

Solar shades are woven with polyester that helps to block out excessive light. These can help create an aesthetic appearance to the windows and help prevent the UV lights from entering a home. Solar shades coated with PVC help add durability. These can be customized as well, which means clients can determine the amount of light that they wish to allow through the shades.

Shades can be purchased easily by calling us and even customized as per the dimensions of windows. These help to reduce the harmful UV rays from entering your home rooms. As a result, they can help reduce the glare as well as are stylish room accessories. There are exterior shades that one can choose from, which can help increase privacy aspects of your home as well as prevent the heat from coming in.

While the choice of window tinting or use of solar shades is up to the preference of the home owners, one should look at the long term effects and how it would help make their home energy efficient.